Reflections on Transformation

by Christen Higgins Clougherty

Early Friends speak of convincement. An experience where the truth of a Quaker path is revealed and it transforms how they see and interact with the world. I learned about convincement long after I graduated from the Carolina Friends School. But my experience at CFS was one of transformation. My head of school reminded me recently of a time in middle school when a parent questioned whether CFS prepared students for the “real world.” I responded that, “CFS challenges us to have difficult conversations about the injustices of the world. We learn about real issues in a safe space so that when we later confront unjustness, we can return to the spirit-filled place inside us. From there we will have the strength and discernment to tackle any challenge.” I remember the fire and conviction I felt when saying this. These words expressed my transformation; my convincement had already occurred. This is the power of a Friends education; to transform students to see and commit to living a particular way in the world.


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