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The Way Opened - Quaker Youth Leadership Conference 2021

By Miriam Rock  Every February for over 29 years, the Quaker Youth Leadership Conference (QYLC) has brought together students and staff from some 20 Quaker schools all over North America. Friends schools take turns hosting with chaperones determining the following year’s host during the conference itself.  In February of 2020, QYLC was hosted at George School and drew over 160 attendees. That three-day conference on George School’s beautiful campus included a keynote address, a day of exploration and learning in Philadelphia, three Meetings for Worship, a talent show, and a variety of student workshops.  Friends Select School volunteered to host the 2021 QYLC, fully expecting it to take place in person in Center City, Philadelphia. By March of 2020, the world had changed and we recalculated…. As the Upper School Quakerism Coordinator, I was honored to attend the 2019 and 2020 conference with Friends Select students and to work with Quake, our student Quakerism club, to plan the 2021 Qu

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