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The Feeling That Shall Not be Named

  This article is reprinted from The Unspeakable Project as shared by Leadership & Design. The Feeling That Shall Not be Named by Ryan Burke As we enter into a conversation about fear in August of 2020, we do so in a moment in time that is fraught with alarming information. Some of this information is accurate and informative and some of it is contrived and requires emotional labor that would be better served in other arenas. We are surrounded by communities that are fearful, and we are embedded in complex systems that are both professional and personal, and they all feel more connected and enmeshed because we are mostly at home. So, as you read and have this conversation with your colleagues, have grace for yourself and others. Anything unspeakable is unspeakable for a reason, and the reason we are surfacing these issues is because we hope that the conversation about fear, while hard, will also unlock new pathways, new opportuni

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