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Quaker Education is Outdoor Education

Friends schools have an exceptional opportunity to be leaders in outdoor education.   The moral underpinnings of Quakerism demand that we educate our students to be stewards  of the natural world.  The powerful history of social change is a model for taking effective action.  No matter the school's location-- urban, suburban or rural--all campuses lend themselves to  getting students outdoors.

by Dan Kriesberg, Sixth Grade Teacher, Friends Academy

In my view, there is no better phrasing than to say, we need a "right relationship" with the earth. For this to happen, outdoor environmental education must be part of Quaker education.  The point of outdoor environmental education is to help children to gain a greater sense of place, by giving them experiences that enhance their ability to wonder, to learn, and to become effective stewards of the natural world.  This only happens with the direct contact that comes from being outdoors.Outdoor education happens outdoors.Catching a fro…

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