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Looking Back to Move Forward:Timeless Meeting Tips from the 17th Century

By Molly Kuehn Watson
Before my son ended up in a Quaker school, sadly all I knew about Quakers was based on the image on the front of the oatmeal buried at the back of my pantry. Beyond the hat on the guy with the fuzzy hair, I knew nothing about the beliefs and values of this non-religious religion founded in 17th century England. For the last three years, I have served as a trustee of a small Quaker school in the Philadelphia suburbs that educates bright children with learning differences. In the process, I have come to deeply appreciate what George Fox had in mind when he founded the Religious Society of Friends in 1647. 
When my youngest child was diagnosed with multiple learning differences that could not be adequately addressed in public school, we had to find a private school that could unlock his potential. We chose the Quaker school for the very specific training of their faculty, but perhaps more importantly everyone we met was calm, kind, and thoughtful. At the time I pai…

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