Monday, May 19, 2014

Turn To The Silent Place In Your Heart

As I leave you for the summer. Here are some parting words to ponder.

A quote from Daniel Seeger’s Practicing the Gospel of Hope in the Nuclear Age, 1983.

“To the extent that the blessing of peace is achieved by humankind, it will not be achieved because people have outraced each other in the building of armaments, nor because we have outdebated each other with words, nor because we have outmaneuvered each other in political action, but because more and more people in a silent place in their hearts are turned to those eternal truths upon which all right living is based. It is on the inner drama of this search that the unfoldment of the outer drama of history ultimately depends.”

I hope you find silent time this summer to unfold and re-explore the inner truths that you live outwardly the rest of the year in the classroom.